Before you can drive a car on the public highways you will need to obtain a PROVISIONAL DRIVING LICENSE.
You can apply for this by sending the form (Form D1) to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).   
Obtaining the form is simple, just go to your local Post Office.
For further enquires about Driving Licences, call the DVLA on: 
 0870 240 0009.
Help online click the following link:

The theory test must be taken before you can take you practical driving test.

To book the theory test you will need to contact the DVSA on 0300 200 1122 or online at ,  Cost is £23, don't pay more it means you are on the wrong website The address is:




SO14  7HX


 You have 2 years from the date of this pass to take your practical driving test. Failure to do so will result in you having to retake the theory test again before you can attempt the practical driving test.









To book and manage your practical test you will need to contact the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) on 0300 200 1122 or online at , Currently costing £62 week days and £75 on Saturdays



There are 2 Practical Driving Test Centres in Southampton and the addresses are:







          FOREST HILLS DRIVE                                                        GREEN LANE, MAYBUSH  

          SOUTHAMPTON                                                                  SOUTHAMPTON  

          SO18 2NT                                                                             SO16 9FP 



Finally you will take your Practical Driving Test.


This test will last approximatley 40 mins. You will be asked to read a number plate from 20 metres (66ft). You will be asked 2 questions from the bank of show me, tell me  questions.


Your now ready to go for a drive and to show the examiner that you can drive in a safe and competant manor. You will be required to demonstrate your ability to drive to a reasonable standard, obeying the rules of the highway code. You will have to do 1 reversing manoeuvre and 1 in 3 candidates will do an emergency stop. The examiners know you don't have years of experience so they will not expect you to drive to as high a standard as themselves so relax and do your best.  


Contrary to popular belief the examiner is not going to trick you or try to catch you out. They do not have targets to meet. From the moment you get into the car you are seen to be a competent driver. The examiner will then deduct marks from you if you make mistakes. At the end of the drive if you have commited 15 minor faults or less then you will pass. 1 serious or 1 dangerous fault and you will fail.



Take Your Driving Instructor on the Test:


When taking your Driving Test in Southampton the DVSA will be encouraging more candidates to take the person who has been teaching them to drive, on the test with them. The driving examiner will ask the candidate if they would like their instructor or person who has taught them to come on the test.


You may not like the extra person in the car so just say no thanks. But the benefit is that your instructor can see exactly where you are making mistakes in the event that you do not pass the driving test.


On very rare occassions the examiner will be accompanied on test by their examiner. Unfortuantly you cant say no to this. But dont worry they are not there to watch or judge you so just what you would normally do on your lessons.


Independent Driving on your Driving Test:

The driving test has slightly changed in the last few years.  You now only have to do 1 reversing manoeuvre. Previously it was 2. There will be a new phase added to the test called INDEPENDENT DRIVING. 10 minutes of independent driving will be part of your 40 minute test.  DON'T PANIC.....its not as bad as it sounds. The examiner will get you to pull up on the left. They will then tell you a route to follow. This may be following road signs to a destination or it may be a few instructions up front accompanied by a brief look at a diagram to help you visualize the route. If you go the wrong way but do it safely you will not be marked down.


This new element is designed to show you are capable of making your own decisions without relying on the prompt of a directional instruction to alert you to check your mirrors and go through your usual routines. More accidents happen when driving ahead than they do when driving backwards, so this is why you are now only required to do 1 reverse manoeuvre and more time is allocated to going ahead.


Please watch the following video for more information.