drive with dans car

Ford Fiesta, 1.2 petrol engine


Drive With Dan use the pupil friendly Ford Fiesta for driving lessons in Southampton. Comfortable and able to fit pupils of all sizes. The vehicle has great all around vision and is very comfortable to take driving lessons in.

                   INSIDE THE CAR

For the purpose of learning to drive we will call the inside of the the car "The Cockpit". You will learn how to work the various controls in a smooth and safe manner to give you confidence to operate when the car is in motion.

 interior ford fiesta






The Fiesta is a manual 5 geared petrol engine. There is air conditioning for your comfort. Dual controls have been fitted for your safety so you can learn to drive in the knowledge that Dan can assist you with control of the vehicle if the need arises.

The Engine Compartment.

Although its not everyones idea of fun you will need to know some basic things to check under your bonnet. This is beneficial for you when you have your own car and you will also need to know this for your Driving Test in Southampton.